Compassionate Care Consent

Please complete these questions prior to your visit with us
  • This person should be the owner on account, responsible for decisions, payments and of legal age. If you are not the owner, the owner is aware and gives you authorization to attend this appointment and complete this form on their behalf. The owner has emailed the clinic this authorization.
  • Please keep your phone on and be available to answer.
  • and acknowledge there is an additional charge for this. If Yes, please also complete the next question for your choice of urns.
  • Complimentary urns can be viewed under STANDARD URNS at Please indicate the name of the one you would like below.
  • Please note due to our one person per pet policy we have implement the below procedures to our practice. For a euthanasia, we will allow up to 2 people. Unfortunately there will be no access to the washroom facility. We appreciate your understanding, and we will try to assist you during this difficult time.